Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Tempted : Under the Caribbean Sun 1

Welcome to Anguilla, where the magic sea breezes knock the Prinsen brothers off kilter—and straight into love.
Caribbean Christmas
Johannes Prinsen needs to keep his godfather’s daughter in the Caribbean and out of trouble. But Saskia’s penchant for designing and wearing crocheted bikinis is…distracting. Saskia’s motives are suspect, and Johannes can’t possibly betray her father, the man he respects most.
Caribbean Casanova
Harmannus Prinsen has enjoyed earning his playboy reputation. So he can’t understand why it bugs him when a sassy business woman calls him on it. And why in the world does he find himself missing her even before she’s scheduled to sail away?
Caribbean Crush
Antonnis Prinsen thought he was doing the right thing when he gave up his first love so she could live the life of her dreams. But with his brothers finding love again, he realizes how stupid he was to let her go. Worse, she has a completely different opinion of the end of their affair…and now it could be too late to win her back.
Warning: Not for those easily distracted by man candy, seductive whispers or creative…positioning. Indulging in this series may cause you to re-read repeatedly.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Caribbean Cowboy

It's release day for Caribbean Cowboy, the 4th installment in the Under the Caribbean Sun series! All of the stories stand alone, but I love when characters I fell for dance back into another book, so I indulged myself with these. Caribbean Cowboy starts at the wedding of Harm & Holly, the couple from Caribbean Casanova. This is Janny's story, and we finally see why Janny was so intent on warning her friends off the Prinsen brothers in the first three books.

What's a little fantasy between strangers?

If Dr. Janny Baird is sure of anything, it’s that love isn’t written in her stars. She keeps her libido in check and fuels her imagination with paperback fantasies. Suffering through a friend’s wedding on a remote Aleutian island, she indulges in a little Bedded by the Bad Boy by taking a wild, erotic ride on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle.

When the previous night’s distraction turns up at the wedding looking all Taken by the Tycoon, she decides one more fantasy night won’t hurt, and gives Nik Hansen total control. 

The last thing she expects is for Mr. Bad Boy/Tycoon to show up in the Caribbean, disrupting her regularly scheduled life and ready to play Claimed by the Cowboy. As much as Nik wants to make every one of Janny’s fantasies come true, he wouldn’t mind being part of her reality. He’s determined tostake a claim…on island life and on Janny’s heart.

Warning:: Your secret fantasies are not safe. This cowboy is a patient man. He’ll reach deep inside you to make them all come true…one red-hot fantasy at a time.


Excerpt Time!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Let's Celebrate National Dog Day

It's National Dog Day! Even though I wrote my first dozen books with Rogue the wunderdawg at my feet, I don't usually write in dogs. Or babies. They distract me with cuteness. But way back when I wrote Par For The Course, I couldn't help but include Ben's collection of rescue dogs.

“Do you like dogs?” Ben’s hand wrapped completely around her upper arm, warming her more than the excitement of a summer storm.

Jillian nodded at the strange question, and tried as best she could to keep up with his long legs as he sprinted off the green and through the trees. Fear excited her further when she realized they were running in near darkness away from what she knew and towards something she didn’t.

The trees gave way to a grassy lawn behind a tall, modern house. On the lawn was a low balance-beam, wooden tunnel, seven poles sticking up from the ground in a line. Her heart lurched as he pulled her past a seesaw. This had better not be his house. Anyone with a playground like that in their back yard would have kids.

He opened an unlocked back door and pushed her inside, pressing her against a wall, their ragged breaths echoing in the quiet. Water was heavy on her eyelashes, dripping from her fingertips as she raised her hand to his face. Would he remember the last time he pushed her up against a wall? His eyes widened as he leaned towards her, lips parted.

Eardrum-splitting barking tensed her entire body. Thundering paws pounded louder than the rain outside. In seconds she and Ben were surrounded by five panting, yelping, sniffing dogs.

“Shut it!” Ben barked back at the canines. The yelping immediately ceased, followed by the roar of panting. He stepped away, punching a few numbers on an alarm box by the door she hadn’t noticed before.

Jillian dropped her hands flat at her sides, inviting the dogs to smell her friendliness. Labradors, like her dog growing up. She rubbed the ear of the gray-muzzled black lab and recalled Duchess had gone to sleep for the last time the week before Jillian left for college. She’d been so worried about leaving her to go to school. And then she was gone.

“Sorry about them. They don’t have the best people-skills.” Ben’s lips pressed thin, a high-pitched whistle hissing through his teeth. Most of the dogs leapt up a step and out of the mudroom. Except for the one whose ear Jillian continued to scratch.

“Rogue, leave the lady alone.” Ben toed off his shoes and cast an evil eye at the dogs lined up in the doorway to—where exactly? Jillian couldn’t see past them.

“Are they yours?” Jillian leaned against the wall again, taking off her shoes and peeling off her ankle socks. It was as if the sky had just opened up and dropped a lake on their heads.

“Yeah,” Ben chuckled. Was his face reddening? “I can’t seem to say no lately.”

“Say no to whom?” Jillian studied the dogs again. Rogue was the black lab rubbing against her leg. The other four stood in the archway. One was chocolate brown, another dusty white, the third mustard yellow, and the smallest was a mottled mix of all three.

“The retriever-rescue people. I went to them because I wanted a friend for Rogue so he wouldn’t be lonely, but an older dog so I wouldn’t have to deal with puppy destruction in a new house.”

Ben pulled his polo shirt over his head with confident unaffectedness. As if there weren’t a sopping-wet woman staring at every muscle as they rippled and flattened. At least the water hid her drool.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Happy Chocolate Day!

It's Chocolate Day -- a celebration of all things chocolate, even my favorite scenes involving truffles. In Just One Spark, Hannah & Mason's first date is heated up by a special chili spiced chocolate ::

Mason took the silver bag and plucked out a tiny silver box. He opened it and two chocolate truffles shone in the light from the streetlamps. “Try it. This one first.” He pointed to the chocolate dome in front decorated with shimmering gold flecks.

Hannah balanced the candy between her fingers and took a bite. She offered the other half to Mason. The candy fell into his mouth, but he caught her wrist, sending shivers up her spine as he sucked the melted chocolate from her fingertips. The truffle melted in her mouth. The rich, sweet sensation grew as her mouth heated. Somehow, it tasted hot without being spicy, sweet without being sugary.

“Is there chili in that?” she asked, savoring the last effects of the treat on her tongue.

Mason nodded and stepped closer. “I guessed from dinner you like things hot.”

Did she ever. “What if I hadn’t offered to share?”

Mason leaned in and licked her lips gently. Her stomach tightened in anticipation. As she parted her lips in invitation, he went farther, sucking her bottom lip between his before kissing her fully.

She loved the flavor of the candy, but the feel of him melting with the taste of chocolate was exhilarating. Something about the clean way he smelled and the taste of him melding with the heat from the chili chocolate made her moan. He pulled away too quickly, leaving Hannah feeling she’d somehow been short-changed.

As her eyes fluttered open, she realized she wasn’t done with him. This man made kissing an art form, and she wanted to learn every nuance of his technique. She reached for him, but he stepped back.

“Try the other one.”

She wanted him, not chocolate. But as she came to her senses and the world widened, she realized eating chocolate was a much more appropriate activity for a busy sidewalk. She reached into the box and removed the plain chocolate cube. She stared into Mason’s eyes and popped the whole thing in her mouth.

As the truffle melted, she was overcome with the cool sensation. It wasn’t just mint. It was peppermint. Her favorite. She eyed him as she rolled the flavors over her tongue. He couldn’t possibly have planned it, but she’d give him credit for it anyway. Extra credit.

“Are you going to share?” Mason whispered, gently brushing his lips across hers. A laugh hummed through her as the kiss began. She loved the firm feel of his lips demanding on hers. The taste of the chocolates and him mingled with his masculine scent and sent colors dancing across her closed eyelids.

Somewhere far away, she heard the bag drop and felt his hands come up to cup her face. Her knees weakened as he introduced her to his tongue, and she brought her hands to his chest for support. Her hands reflexively squeezed the rock-hard pecs beneath the soft sweater. She should take up sculpting. This man’s body was a work of art. She wished she wasn’t wearing a coat so she could press her body against his and feel every inch of him. She inhaled deeply and released her breath in a long sigh. She drew away slightly, just enough to look into his eyes. She touched his face, tracing her finger over the lips she’d just savored. Pleasure propelled her forward to catch the smell of his skin and she began swathing him with soft, gentle kisses once more.

A whistle from another place and time echoed in her ears. Mason pulled away slowly and then stepped back out of reach. Hannah lifted a hand to her own mouth, amazed at the sensation. If he kissed like that, Hannah ached to know what else he could do.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Things I've Said To My Children

So I'm sitting behind four buses at day camp pick up with the windows rolled up and the AC on because it is HOT, and I'm laughing so hard I have tears. The other mom's are giving me side eye. Jealous.

Every parent should have Things I've Said to My Children close at hand. Kids are wild little beasties and they do mind blowing things adults can't even begin to imagine. The clever graphics Nathan Ripperger created to illustrate things he's said to his own wildlings bring a smile of camaraderie. Parents no longer have to feel alone when asking... Why is there a toilet seat on my table?

Load it into the Kindle app on your phone to reference after reminding your son to stop licking the grocery cart... Again.

Next time a friend needs cheering up, don't send a card. Send this book.                                  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Anything For A Cowboy - Release & Reviews

It's opening day for Not My 1st Rodeo! The stories released today - individually and as the anthology. I love that readers have the option to grab them all or pick and choose.

We have a fun Facebook party tonight & the reviews are coming in.

Amazon    Barnes & Noble    Samhain     Kobo    

Her plan was for them to fall in bed, not in love.

When veterinarian Jacy Weston changes her location on her western dating website profile, she thinks it’s no big deal. Opal Creek…Myrtle Creek…what’s the difference? As little white lies go, this one barely qualifies. Besides, since her brothers have chased off every guy within a hundred miles, the expiration date on her virginity is way past due.

Ray Mitchell is not inclined to waste his time on something as unnecessary as dating, but it’s much easier to take a woman to coffee than to explain to his mother why he’s in no hurry to get married again. Despite NotMy1stRodeo.com’s promises, he doubts he’ll find any woman willing to find herself stuck on a remote ranch raising rodeo stock.

But Jacy is different. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Or to get down and dirty. Ray’s thinking he’s found the one, until the truth comes out…and he realizes the divorcee from the next county he’s been dating doesn’t exist.

Warning: Contains a virginal heroine looking for the nearest exit for the horizontal highway to heaven, and a cowboy willing to go the distance for the right woman.


Fun, entertaining, sexy with just a wee bit of drama Anything For A Cowboy is another incredible contemporary romance from one of my favorite romance writers! ~ Slick, Guilty Pleasures 

What’s better than one attractive cowboy? Three of them. ~ Heroes & Heartbreakers

Hot chemistry a quick, cute, easy read with a nice bit of heat ~ Book Gannet

I LOVED the final line of Anything for a Cowboy! ~ Crystal's Many Reviewers

A cute story with an ending that leaves you filled with happiness ~ East Sleep Read Review

Anything for a Cowboy has the right amount wit, angst and emotional appeal to have any romantic comedy lover begging for more. ~ Hopeless Romantic

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Pink Heart Society: Tuesday Talk Time :: Not My 1st Rodeo

The Pink Heart Society: Tuesday Talk Time :: Not My 1st Rodeo: Once upon a time, at the RWA conference in San Antonio,  Jenna Bayley-Burke got Donna Alward to laugh. And then Sarah M. Anderson laughed...